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Hi, I'm Noemy Medina. I’m from Walnut Park, CA.  My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few years ago. She cooked amazingly! Due to her condition, she is no longer able to cook on her own. I want to keep my mom's cooking legacy alive for generations to come. I was privileged enough to master most of her recipes. As a little girl I enjoyed being in the kitchen with her. That's where my love for cooking began, even more as I got older and I had to start cooking for my own family. I would call my mom to ask for recipes, like most Mexican Mothers. She would say, add a little of this a little of that and for some reason it all made sense. I would add the ingredients, if it didn't taste like it was suppose to. I would add a little more of this and  a little more of that, until I got it to taste just like hers. 


With your purchase you are helping us keep that legacy alive.

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