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If you love Chamoy Apples, this online class is definately for you! 


This Chamoy Recipe Has So Much Potential!

The best part about making this recipe is, that you don't need a stove top, microwave or any type of food warmer to make it.


What you get with this Class

In this class you will actually be dipping your apples

in the chamoy. Just like the traditional caramel apples are dipped.  This class will cover, everything from washing your apples, links for all the ingredients being used, how to have the chamoy set properly on your apples, kitchen tools/ amazon supplies list, easy and inexpensive packaging options.


  • Spicy Chamoy Recipe PDF with links
  • Minnie Mouse Inspired design
  • DIY Chamoy Wrap
  • DIY Tamarindo Sticks
  • Chamoy can be used for rim dips



  • Chamoy Shrimp Ceviche Recipe PDF

& more!


This prerecorded class takes place in a private Instagram Group. You will have access to the videos as long as you have an active and valid IG account. Instructional videos ranging from 2 to 10 minutes. Ready for you to view at your own pace, on your own time. I will only be accessible for questions, guidance and support concerning this class for 3 months from the date of purchase. All sales are final!


Who's Joining?


Spicy Chamoy Apple Class

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